Currently  Starring in Rock of Ages Hollywood every Thurs - Sun 

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"But it’s Ian Ward and Callandra Olivia who give Rock of Ages its pulsing, neon-lit heart. Ward lends Drew, the show’s aspiring rocker, a glimmering naivety — his winsome, natural earnestness matched by his powerful belt and soulful voice. He’s paired perfectly with Olivia’s Sherrie, the story’s other bright-eyed dreamer. Olivia takes Sherrie, a portrait of idealized ’80s femininity, and lends her an essential edge, cutting her sweetness with a fierce sense of self-possession. Her vocals are equally mesmerizing, leading the two to partner on duets that create a wall of sound designed to touch your heart and excite your soul." - Maureen Lee Lenker

 "Ward has a soulful voice and a guileless face, which makes him a dreamy leading man, and setting down a 10-year residency in a club called the Bourbon Room in Hollywood (with a custom-built stage and venue just for this show) is uber meta." - Harker Jones


" one point Ward held a note so long the audience broke into mid-song applause." - Erin Conley

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