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I play Alternative Pop music.  I get compared to Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Sting.  My biggest influences are Nirvana, Doors, Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I was singing before I could speak and have been immersed in the entertainment world since I started as a child actor.  I have performed consistently as a musical theatre professional, and have been a frontman in rock bands as well for close to 10 years.  


I play music to connect with people, and to share new sounds from our time and culture.  I love singing, and it helps me release my pain or pleasure through performance.  


My latest project is a blend of many of my influences in rock and alternative, but also features a very electronic, forward-moving pop sound.  It is an interesting mix, pulling on current influences like trap and Post Malone essences.  


A lightbulb moment for me along my musical journey was learning that I can learn to do all aspects of this musical world.  From an inspired simple melody, I can use music theory to build chords, then audio engineering and production skills to build the corresponding beat.  Lyrical skills from studying rhythm and prose helps to build the lyrics around that vibe.  It has become a process that is so profoundly fulfilling fo me, and I am just enjoying riding this wave of creation.   


Success in music, to me, would be to know that I am resonating with people.  I want to feel the love through music and through live performance. As long as I feel in my heart that I am connecting with people and resonating, then I am successful as an artist. 


I would define my music music as melodic storyteller-based Alt-Pop music.  My main instruments are the acoustic guitar and my voice, but I love electronic production techniques as well.  


My drive to write, and find new sounds is what pushes me to continue producing.  Also, the satisfaction of being onstage and performing brings me back for more.  When I see my peers also thriving and pushing the envelope, it inspires me.


-Ian Ward 

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